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Rolex Day-Date 18038 18KT Gold President

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Watch Details

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Mens
Model Name: Day-Date
Model Number: 18038
Serial Number: 886XXXX
Case Size: 36 mm
Movement: Self-Winding, Perpetual, Mechanical
Complications: Day, Date
Case: 18kt Yellow Gold
Bezel: 18kt Yellow Gold, Fluted
Dial: Champagne, Gold Index Markers
Bracelet: 18kt Yellow Gold, 7 1/2 in, 135
Bracelet Type: President
Crystal: Sapphire
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: Box, Certificate, Booklet, Tag


Presenting in an impeccable state is the alluring Rolex 18038. This collector’s favorite is in excellent condition, showcasing beautiful craftsmanship in 18kt solid gold. Rolex, a revered name in the realm of prestigious horology, gracefully introduced this Day Date model to the world in 1956. Since its inception, this model has become an embodiment of charm and sophistication. The Rolex 18038 swiftly claimed its place as a status symbol amongst the rich and influential, leading to its celebrated nickname - 'President'. An epithet that fittingly compliments its elegant allure and superior functionality. Embedded in this iconic timepiece is the Date function, a useful feature that sets swiftly. It genuinely reinstates the brand’s commitment to combining beauty with convenience, proving that luxury does not undermine utility. The centerpiece of this Rolex masterpiece is its formidable 18kt gold case. It houses the robust Caliber 3055 movement, a testament to Rolex's prowess in watchmaking precision. The Caliber 3055 is renowned for its high performance and reliability, further enhancing the desirability of this distinctive timepiece. A striking hallmark of this Rolex 18038 is the traditional Champagne Dial, a classic choice that enhances its timeless appeal. The elegant dial is adorned with matching Gold hands, skillfully designed to provide clarity and sophistication. The subtle harmony of the dial and hands makes the watch not just a timekeeping tool, but a piece of jewelry enhancing any wearer's wrist. Adding to the timeless allure of this magnificent timepiece is the Presidential style bracelet model 8385. The bracelet's intricate design perfectly complements the watch, completing the sophisticated look. The rich luster of gold paired with the precise craftsmanship of the bracelet renders it a perfect extension of the watch, seamlessly blending opulence and comfort. In conclusion, the Rolex 18038 in solid gold is more than just a watch; it is a symbol of status and luxury, a true testament to Rolex's renowned craftsmanship and innovative design. With its quick-set Date feature, formidable Caliber 3055 movement, and the iconic Champagne Dial, this timepiece proves that Rolex's legacy of excellence is well deserved.

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