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Rolex President 18038 Diamond Dial

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Watch Details

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Mens
Model Name: Day-Date
Model Number: 18038
Serial Number: 572XXXX
Case Size: 36 mm
Movement: Self-Winding, Perpetual, Mechanical
Complications: Day, Date
Case: 18kt Yellow Gold
Bezel: 18kt Yellow Gold, Fluted
Dial: Champagne, Diamonds Markers, Custom
Bracelet: 18kt Yellow Gold, 7 1/2 in
Bracelet Type: President
Crystal: Sapphire
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: Box, Booklet


Introducing an exceptional example of the classic Rolex 18038 in a superb condition. This exclusive timepiece is intricately crafted from 18 karat solid gold. Its radiant sparkle is magnified by an opulent diamond-studded dial, making it truly an embodiment of luxury and elegance. Manufactured by the esteemed watchmaker, Rolex, the Day Date model was first introduced in 1956.

The watch swiftly burgeoned as an emblem of authority and illusory wealth among the world's affluent and influential circles. Consequently, it fittingly earned the name - 'the President.' This moniker perfectly portrays the impact and command this unique accessory holds.

The Day-Date model features a highly convenient quick-set date function, a testament to Rolex's unwavering commitment to practicality and performance. To augment its capabilities further, the spectacular 18-karat gold case houses a formidable Caliber 3055 movement. This fine level of sophistication and precision represents the brand's profound expertise in horology.

The traditional aesthetic of the Rolex 18038 model is adorned with a sophisticated Champagne Dial, perfectly complemented by matching gold hands. Both elements seamlessly come together, creating an enchanting harmony of color, design, and luxurious appeal.

To complete its majestic ensemble, the watch is paired with a distinguished Presidential style bracelet model 8385. Known for its alluring charm, the aptly named bracelet reiterates the majestic allure of this timeless model.

One of the most compelling features of the Rolex Day Date ref. 18038 is its Chronometer Certification. A chronometer-certified watch signifies an extraordinary level of precision and accuracy. These watches undergo rigorous testing for several days, in diverse positions and temperatures by the neutral body, the COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres). The COSC is a part of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry's anti-counterfeit group, ensuring the genuineness and authenticity of these timepieces. Therefore, prospective owners of the Rolex Day Date model can feel confident in their investment's legitimacy.

In conclusion, the Rolex 18038 represents the ultimate blend of elegance, prestige, and performance. Its exquisite design, robust functionality, and stellar reputation make it one of the most coveted timepieces amongst discerning watch aficionados globally.