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Rolex Explorer 214270

Authentic, pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Ref# 214270 watches.

All watches come with Ermitage 1-year warranty. 10-days hassle-free return.

Rolex Explorer 214270 39mm

39 mm, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Black Dial, Mint Condition, Box, Booklet, Certificate, Tags

Stock Number #7382

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Exuding a timeless elegance, the Rolex Explorer model 214270 epitomizes the class and character brought to you by the eminent Swiss watch manufacturer, Rolex. This classic timepiece, presented in mint condition, is a collector's dream, more so because the iconic 39mm model has now been discontinued, increasing its rarity and desirability.

The Rolex Explorer carries an intriguing history intertwined with daring quests and exploratory ambitions. Its inception dates back to 1953, the year which heralded a remarkable milestone in mountaineering history. A ground-breaking expedition to the formidable Mt. Everest was undertaken, and Rolex played a unique part in this thrilling journey of audacity.

Earlier versions of the Rolex Explorer were provided by Rolex for rigorous testing during this unprecedented expedition, acting as an undisputed companion. Led by Sir Edmund Hillary, the brave team eventually triumphed in their quest to conquer Mt. Everest, with the hardy Explorer ticking tirelessly beside them.

The 'Explorer' denomination was aptly registered in Geneva earlier that same year in the spirit of the imminent expedition adventure. The watches were meticulously engineered for the challenge, tailoring its specifications to meet the rigorous demands of the crew's summit bid.

The Rolex Explorer model 214270 now in your consideration, is equipped with an automatic movement Caliber 3132, a hallmark of Rolex precision and reliability. This self-winding mechanism offers high-performance stability, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in time-keeping.

Complementing the sleek and sophisticated watch face is the sporty Oyster bracelet, curated to meld comfort, aesthetic and durability. The exquisite bracelet design not only adds to the watch's sartorial appeal but also guarantees a comfortable fit in any weather or terrain.

Conceptualized for extreme adventures and exploration, the Rolex Explorer is robustly designed to resist water intrusion up to 330 feet or 100 meters, offering reliability even in aquatic adventures.

As an additional assurance of its accuracy and authenticity, the Rolex Explorer model 214270 is certified as a Chronometer by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). Tested over several days, in different positions, and at varying temperatures, this certification is the definitive testament to a watch's high precision. The COSC, an anti-counterfeit group part of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, ensures potential owners can be comprehensively reassured of the watch's authenticity.

In sum, the Rolex Explorer model 214270 is more than a classic timepiece; it's a celebration of never-ending spirit, courage and crafting perfection encased in stainless steel that tells the story of triumphant human exploration.

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