For centuries people traded jewels and precious metals as currency. Although today we have credit cards and paper money, your unwanted jewelry can still be translated into usable currency.


Whether it is jewelry you no longer wear, gifts from your ex, things that are out of style, or you simply need some extra money, there are a few reasons why selling your fine and collectible jewelry is a great idea.

  1. Keeping jewelry you no longer want takes up valuable space in your jewelry box and ties up resources that you could use to buy something else.

  2. Holding on to reminders of past relationships isn’t the smartest thing to do. Think about it, would you rather have a new watch to go with your new life?

  3. You’ll never wear jewelry that is out of style again. Of course you could take the stones out, melt it down and turn it into something else, but is it really worth the effort?

  4. Selling a piece of jewelry when you need some extra money is more profitable to you in the long run than taking out a loan or opening another credit card.


Reputable Retailers:

Who you sell your jewelry to is just as important as getting a fair price. You don’t want to be nickel and dimed for every service and you want to make sure that you are dealing with people who have the proper training and knowledge of gemology and metallurgy as well as current market trends and conditions. It all boils down to dealing with certified, licensed, and insured retailers only.

Private Parties:

Selling to a private party can be tricky although it comes with its own set of advantages. One of the biggest pros in selling to an individual is that you and only you control the sale price of your item and you don’t have to share profit with anyone else. So, if you choose to sell a piece at or close to retail price and you found someone who will buy it at that price, you keep the money.

Online Commerce Site:

Just like selling to the private party, selling on an online commerce site might be time consuming and may come with its own set of challenges. Depending on which website you choose to use, you might have to deal with fees, shipping, and insurance costs that will end up influencing the final sale price.

If time is of the essence, your best bet is to find a reputable retailer to sell to.


If you have decided to sell your fine jewelry to a reputable retailer that are a number of ways to go about your sale.

Direct Sale:

Simply bring your piece to the store or a place of business. After a short appraisal by a professional gemologist or a jeweler you will receive an offer. If you choose to accept the offer, you will have a few payment options to choose from. At Ermitage Jewelers we provide convenient option of check, cash, or bank transfer.


If you have time, consignment can be a very lucrative sale option. On average a consigner can receive 25% more money on a consigned jewelry piece than they would on a direct sale. It is important to establish all of the details of the consignment before you agree to sell your jewelry piece. Ask to see the consignment contract and read it carefully. You don’t want to end up paying more for the service of consignment than your piece is worth.


We want to make sure that you come back to us time and time again, which is why we try to be a through as possible in our assessment of your fine jewelry in order to guarantee the best possible sale price.

Fundamental Value

  • Fundamental value simply means the basics.
  • What kind of metal is the jewelry made out of?
  • What’s the karat weight if applicable?
  • What’s the carat weight of the stones?
  • Are there precious or semi-precious gems?
  • Quality of the gems.

However, in our opinion it is not enough to just go by the basics. We go a step beyond and evaluate the piece based on additional criteria to insure that you get the deal you are happy with.

Rarity of the Piece

Some estate and vintage pieces are extremely valuable. Vintage Tiffany and Cartier, for example, sell at a premium. Jewelry made with large gemstones, custom, one of a kind pieces, and jewelry with rare gems are also higher priced and will yield a bigger return.


When we buy a piece of jewelry we take current fashion trends into consideration. Victoria, Edwardian, and Art Deco engagement rings are very popular today and sell for top dollar. Collectable, limited release piece that are crafted by famous jewelers will also be worth more. Jewelry that is currently in style but isn’t antique will also have a better return.


When it comes to selling fine jewelry condition matters. In order to get the best possible price for your pieces make sure that:

  • The gemstones are not chipped, cracked, or broken.
  • Make sure that the piece you are trying to sell has all of the stones.
  • The setting is free from deep scratches, dents, and dings that won’t buff out.

It is very rare to find a pre-owned piece of jewelry in pristine condition especially if it is an antique piece. We, of course, take that into consideration. However, piece that are in need of significant restoration and / or repair will be valued less.


Ermitage Jewelers is Atlanta’s go to destination for unique fine jewelry and luxury Swiss watches at unbeatably low prices. Our jewelers and gemologists have more than half a century of combined experience when it comes to fine jewelry appraisal, restoration, repair, and resale. If you are looking for trusted, one of a kind place to sell your fine jewelry, you have come to the right place!


We hire only the best in the business. Our certified and professional jewelers and gemstone experts will help you through the process of buying, selling, or trading your pieces with minimal trouble. Our appraisal process is quick and accurate. We will have you in and on your way with the highest possible payment in no time.

We Pay Top Dollar:

Ermitage Jewelers buys and sells jewelry all over the world. We build and maintain relationships with collectors, estate brokers and auctioneers and resell directly to our customer without any middlemen. This allows us to pass on our savings to our customers.


There are two ways to sell your fine jewelry to Ermitage Jewelers: online and at our store. If time is of the essence, coming in to our Atlanta area location is the quickest way to sell. Here’s how it works:

Online Appraisal:

Simply fill out a form, submit high resolution digital images along with your request form and wait for one of our professional staff to contact you with an over the phone appraisal. After the appraisal, you will send out your jewelry to us and we will pay you within 24 hours of receiving your piece.

Come to our Store:

When you come in to our store, one of our jewelry experts will be able to help you. We will apprise your piece and offer you a price and if you accept, we will pay you immediately.


Although there are infinite amount of valuable fine jewelry piece out there, we simply can’t buy them all. We have to take our market and things in demand before we take another piece into consideration. Below is a list of things that we are always interested in:


We purchase new, antique, and vintage diamonds and jewelry from 1 carat in size. We offer top dollar for diamond pieces whether they are set or not. We are especially interested in vintage and antique engagement rings, conflict free diamonds, and specialty cut diamonds.

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

We are interested in natural sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. We are also interested in top quality semi-precious gemstones such as pearls, opals, citrine, and aquamarine among many others.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Ermitage Jewelers is interested in purchasing antique and vintage jewelry. Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and jewelry from the 1940’s-1970’s is especially valued. Special edition pieces and pieces by fine jewelry designers such as Tiffany and Cartier are also of interest.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you in making your decision to sell your fine jewelry. We want to make sure that you get the best possible deal on all the sales you make.