David Yurman Jewelry started in the 1979 by David and Sybil Yurman. Yurman’s road to fame started in when he immersed himself in the free spirited world of San Francisco countercultural movement of the 1960’s. With a few years of experience as a welder, Yurman became a shop foreman for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. That’s when he met Sybil Kleinrock, his soon to be business partner and wife.

In the early 1970’s David and Sybil moved to upstate New York and started Putman Art Works. After David and Sybil were married in 1979, they started David Yurman Jewelry. Worldwide recognition of the Yurman brand came in 1987 when David Yurman debuted some of his designs (including the famous cable bracelet) at the World Watch and Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland.

David Yurman jewelry is different from other major jewelry brands in a sense that each piece tells an individual story but also belongs to a larger collection. David and Sybil approached their designs as works of art that were meant to be worn and displayed as collections rather than individual pieces. In the 1980’s and 1990’s when more and more women began buying jewelry for themselves, David Yurman pieces were collected as they were pieces of art.

Today, David Yurman jewelry is just as stunning and just as collectable. Whether you are looking for a standalone piece of Yurman jewelry or a piece that is missing from your collection, we are here to help. Ermitage Jewelry carries a large variety of David Yurman pieces at absolutely unbeatable prices.

A few things to consider:

When shopping for any fine designer jewelry choosing the right place to buy can make all the difference. Whether you choose to by pre-owned or brand new, you need to be confident that the seller is offering authentic jewelry. Which is why we recommend that you do your research beforehand. Here are some of the things that you need to look for when choosing a reputable retailer for all of your jewelry needs:

  1. A reputable pre-owned jewelry retailer will never carry cheap or imitation jewelry or pressure you into a purchase.
  2. A reputable retailer will be able to answer any of your questions concerning the jewelry piece and its authenticity.
  3. A reputable retailer will always have some sort of money back guarantee or a return policy.

David Yurman Featured Collections:

Although there are hundreds of pieces and dozens of David Yurman jewelry collections to choose from, the most recent and popular collections include the Hampton Collection, the Starburst Collection, the Petite Pave Collection, and the Labyrinth Collection.

The Hampton Collection

This bold and fluid collection is inspired by the classic David Yurman cable bracelet and the beaches of eastern Long Island. This sophisticated, casual jewelry makes a bold statement and makes a perfect addition to any casual outfit regardless of the season. The designs in this collection have proven to be timeless over and over again guaranteeing that you will wear your favorite pieces for years to come.

The Hampton Collection includes bracelets, rings, and earrings that are inspired by the colors and picturesque scenes of the seashore. Some pieces in this collection are adorned with diamonds and colored gemstones bringing to memory the interplay of light on the waves and sand.

The Starbursts Collection

The Starburst Collection is a true ode to love. It is as bright as fireworks and as captivating and beautiful as a shooting star, not unlike the feeling of love that stirred it. The Starburst Collection was inspired by a romantic evening in Paris while looking at the fireworks over the Eiffel tower, this collection was a co-collaboration between David Yurman and his wife Sybil. Arguably one of the most romantic and tender collections, the Starburst Collection brings to mind those tender evenings spent with a special someone.

This collection features necklaces of varying length, earrings, and rings. Pieces in this collection feature a starburst shape set with diamonds.

The Petite Pave Collection

The Petite Pave Collection features bracelets set with a multitude of diamonds or colored gemstones. The bracelets range in style from chain to cable bracelets.

The Labyrinth Collection

Infrequently designed pieces inspired by a maze set with a pave of diamonds and colored gemstones are the key identifying features of this collection. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants range in style, color, metal combinations, and deliver a bold statement.

This highly versatile collection is one of the most popular David Yurman creations.

There are, of course, many other David Yurman collections that are absolutely breath taking. Among them are: Albion, Anjou, Bead Collection, Cable Classic, Cable Collectables, Cerise, David Yurman Midnight Mélange, Chatelaine, Confetti, and The Crossover Collection.

Ermitage Jewelers has pieces from many of the David Yurman Collections with new and vintage piece being added daily.

Retro Yurman:

Of course some of the most thought after pieces are those that David and Sybil Yurman made at the beginning of their career. Some of the original, one of a kind, early works of Mr. Yurman are highly collectable. Artworks, sculptures, and jewelry from the era of Putnam Art Works are especially precious to collectors and David Yurman Jewelry enthusiasts.

Why Choose Ermitage:

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