Patek Philippe is one of the top Swiss luxury watch brands in the world. Their watches are fashionable, collectable, and have proven time and time again to be a great investment. If you are looking for a timepiece which will make a great heirloom, you couldn’t wish for more. Patek Philippe watches retain their value well and often times become more valuable over time. Part of the Patek’s philosophy is creating a limited number of timepieces per reference number in order to create demand and raise value.

Value of the Patek Philippe Watches

However, the scarcity of some of the Patek watches isn’t the only thing that makes them so highly collectable and valuable. Some of the timepieces in Patek’s collection serve as proof that at one point or another even the greatest watchmakers had to adopt and go against the odds in order to succeed and produce something truly incredible.

If you are even remotely interested in luxury Swiss watches, you probably already know that Patek Philippe was the first to produce a perpetual calendar. Patek Philippe model 1518 is a watch that literally redefined how we look at watch complications today. For centuries this important model will serve as bases for creation of every subsequent perpetual calendar timepiece.

History of Patek Philippe 1518

The first Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 1518 wrist watch was produced in 1941. The majority of 1518 watches were made of yellow gold with a smaller number produced in rose gold. The watch featured a stunning dial with a full Perpetual Calendar, moon phase indicator, and a fully functioning chronograph. There were only 281 1518 watches ever made during the model's production run from 1941-1954. If this limited number of timepieces isn’t enough to entice you, there is one more thing that we have to share with you. One of the most valuable Holy Grails of horological history is a Stainless Steel Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 1518.

Embargo and 1518

During the years of World War II, the ally forces set up a naval blockade to disrupt German resupply lines. This embargo included precious metals among a host of other things. Since gold was scarce and Patek Philippe was still producing watches, a small number of Stainless Steel 1518 watches was released in 1941 on the Italian market. These timepieces are so rare and sought after that finding one is nearly impossible. If you have an opportunity to purchase a vintage 1518 Patek Philippe in stainless steel, we would recommend you do so without hesitation.

Patek Philippe at Ermitage

We carry a large collection of vintage and modern Patek Philippe watches. If you are looking for a timepiece that will remain relevant and functional for decades to come, a Patek watch is the watch for you. These timepieces are not flashy or decadent, they are simple, sophisticated, durable, and hyper accurate.

To this day Patek Philippe brand is considered to be among the top three luxury Swiss watch brands in the world. Those that know style and watches, know Patek and will surely appreciate to be in the company of those who choose the brand as their daily watch.

We invite you to browse our extensive collection of Patek Philippe watches or stop by our store and find the model that fits your lifestyle.