Breitling Chrono-Matic

During the early 1960’s the race was on to create world’s first automatic chronograph. Breitling, Heuer, Hamilton, and Dubois Depraz were working tirelessly together until 1967 when they finally request a patent of a caliber 11 automatic chronograph movement. In September of 1968, Breitling released their first pre-series Navitimer Chrono-Matic making it the first automatic chronograph watch.

Breitling brings back the redesigned vintage with Chrono-Matic SE

In 2004 Breitling decided to revive the Chrono-Matic series with the release of the limited, 1000 piece edition of Chrono-Matic SE. The watch was powered by the caliber 41LC (Left Crown), 38 jewel, 28,800 bps movement, a vast improvement over its predecessor. The demand for the Chrono-Matic SE inspired the creation and resurrection of an entire series of Chrono-Matic watches.


In 2006 Breitling brought back the Chrono-Matic. The watch resembled the vintage version down to the Left Crown movement and a vintage looing slide-rule bezel. However, this time around, instead of caliber 11, the watch was equipped with a Breitling 41LC movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The new Breitling Chrono-Matic was manufactured until 2008 and was the last Left Crown movement model in the Chrono-Matic sires.

Chono-Matic 49

In 2008 Breitling replaced the Chrono-Matic with a Chrono-Matic 49, a larger, more robust version of the previous model without the Left Crown movement. This watch takes its name from its 49mm case which was equipped with a caliber 14 movement.

Chrono-Matic QP

In 2009 Breitling released a Chrono-Matic QP, a special edition watch that was only available in 18k rose gold and featured a caliber 29 movement with an additional moon phase complication.

Chrono-Matic 1461

That same year, Breitling released a 2000 piece, limited edition Chrono-Matic 1461 which was equipped with a caliber 19 movement and was only available in stainless steel.

Chrono-Matic LE 24H

This watch has an unusual, 24 hour dial instead of the traditional 12 hour dial. This timepiece features a caliber 22LC movement with Flyback, a function that allows easier operation of the chronograph. This model is another limited edition Breitling piece. Only 1000 watches were produced, 250 of the 1000 were produced in rose gold with 12 hour dials.

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