Swiss watches are the embodiment of accuracy, expert craftsmanship, and high style that has been established over the centuries. Regardless of the brand, Swiss watches have become a status symbol due to their elegance, original design as well as technical qualities which are subsequently followed by a higher price tag.

In part, the higher prices come from the constant need to innovate and to protect the Swiss brand names from counterfeiters as well as other luxury, high-quality manufactures. The Swiss protect their leading position in the world of watchmaking through their unique infrastructure, consistent drive towards innovation, and further development of their brands. Most of the watches by major manufacturers like Rolex, Breitling, and Omega are subjected to a number of rigorous tests to guarantee superior quality and functionality even in the most extreme conditions and pressures. Consequently, the intrinsic value of Swiss brand watches, are the result of substantial and consistent efforts in part of all Swiss watchmaking companies.

While other luxury brands continue to thrive and grow in popularity, none has been able to relegate the Swiss brand name largely because of the team effort and continuous dedication to excellent craftsmanship by the Swiss manufacturers.

However, superior quality, cutting edge technology, extreme durability, and unmatched aesthetic come with a price. There is one sure way to avoid the markups of the Swiss manufacturers and still purchase that luxury Swiss watch you want without paying the premium. Many serious collectors know, that in order to get the best price of a rare, vintage, or simply an amazing timepiece is to turn to the used market.