Rolex spirit is heavily expressed through their involvement in the public sector. Rolex is a company that recognizes and celebrates innovative thinking, excellence, and achievement through a multitude of humanitarian programs that are designed to advance the work of individuals whose ideas share the core values of the Rolex brand.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise and the Rolex Arts Initiative are the programs that support efforts in conservation, preservation, scientific advancement, exploration, and the arts. Through these programs budding entrepreneurs and researchers can receive recognition, exposure, and funding to continue the work that they may not have been able to do otherwise.


The company's philanthropic involvement in the world's affairs comes as no surprise. Throughout history Rolex preferred to align themselves with the recognition of achievement rather than a status symbol as is evident by the number of commemorative watches presented to great historic figures in celebration of their contributions to history. Among those who were lucky enough to be presented with a commemorative watch are: President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, General Henri Guisan, and US. General Gruenther. Of course the list in goes on to celebrate many others who had no affiliation with the military. As mentioned previously achievement and cultural contributions are celebrated by Rolex and in their recent advertising campaign highlights those who have changed the world of acting, music, film, sports, and civil rights. Among the featured individuals are: Robert De Niro, Dr. Martin Luther King, James Cameron, Sophia Loren, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, and Placido Domingo.


Mentors & Protégés

Rolex Mentors & Protégés is a biannual program that is designed to bring highly talented young artists and established mentors together for a one-on-one year long creative collaboration program. The talent is selected from all over the world and spans the field of music, visual arts, film, opera, theater, literature and dance. This program allows Rolex to cultivate and continuously contribute to their great tradition of creative excellence and individual achievement.


Is an annual, Rolex sponsored event that was started by Placido Domingo in the early 1990's. The event is designed to bring fresh opera talent to the main stages of the world. Only 40% of applicants get to showcase their talent in front of a panel of some of the most renowned Opera professionals in the world.

Verbier Festival

Verbier Music Festival that bring young and established talent together to celebrate incredible musical achievements. The festival is held deep in the Swiss Alps, away from big cities. Verbier Festival creator believed that isolation and remoteness of the place will stimulate creativity and bring inspiration to the artists. This music festival consistently draws some of the most talented orchestras and singers in the world.


The program was started in 1976 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Oyster Chronometer and is held every two years. The program is designed to give an opportunity of funding and international publicity as well as creative peer collaboration for anyone between the ages of 18-30 years-old who exhibits independent thinking, resilience in the face of adversity, creativity, and determination. A number of laureates are chosen by a jury of independent experts in the field of science, exploration, conservation, innovation, medicine, and education. The laureates pioneering work must fall in one or more of the five categories: applied technology, cultural heritage, environment, exploration, discovery, and science and health. Each laureate receives 100 000 Swiss francs towards their project as well as international exposure, publicity, and media coverage through Rolex Awards website.


There is truly no better way to celebrate achievement, perseverance, hard work, and determination than thought the world of sports. In recent years, Rolex became a sponsor of multiple sporting events and recognized and, in some cases, sponsored a number of athletes over the years. The ties that Rolex has with the world of sports are diverse and multifaceted and yet in every case celebrate superlative engineering and the unrelenting spirit that propels the participants to victory despite all odds.


The relationship between Rolex and the golfing community began with Rolex sending a golden Oyster Perpetual watch to Arnold Palmer, a brilliant golfer who popularized the sport with the general public. A few years later, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus were also recognized by Rolex for their competitive spirit, dedication, and hard work. Each member of "The Big Three" is known for their contributions to the sport, philanthropic work, and being faithful to the Rolex brand.

Moreover, Rolex is an Official Timekeeper for the European Tour, the European Seniors Tour, and the European Challenge Tour and a sponsor of multiple US based golfing events.


Rolex's association with tennis is as complex and multifaceted as their relationship to the racing circuit. In addition to being the Official Timekeeper of Wimbledon, and a sponsor of multiple tennis events in US and around the world, in 1978 Rolex became known as the Official Watch of Wimbledon as well.

Rolex sponsors or is directly involved in the following events: The Australian Open, The Davis Cup, The Dubai Tennis Championships, and The Monte Carlo Tennis Series. In addition to the events mentioned above, Rolex also supports the Campbell's Hall of Fame Championship, an event held in Rhode Island that celebrates the great tradition of tennis and recognizes outstanding athletes from all over the world.

Over the years, Rolex has also sponsored a number of tennis players such as: Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Justine Henin, and Marat Safin. It is also worth mentioning that John David Newcombe, a world renowned tennis player, has been a Rolex spokesperson for over 25 years.


Rolex is the official sponsor of a number of motor-sport events where precision, attention to detail, and excellence, are among the key components that stand between success and failure. Rolex is the official sponsor of Rolex 24 at Daytona and 24 hour Le Mans series racing where driver navigate a challenging track for 24 straight hours. Rolex is also a long term partner with Formula I racing sharing their passion for unmatched engineering and innovation.

Over the years, Rolex has celebrated a number of racecar drivers that made an unforgettable impact of the sport. Among those people are Sir Jackie Stewart, a legendary Formula I driver and Tom Kristensen, a Le Mans champion.

Besides the involvement in the traditional motor-sports, Rolex also supports such events as Goodwood Revival, worlds most commended historic race meet that is staged entirely in the style of the 1940's, 50's, and 60's. For three days every September the gates of the iconic Goodwood track open to once again welcome the champions and the vehicles that graced the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit between 1948 and 1966.

In addition to Goodwood Revival, beginning in 1997 Rolex has been involved in Monterey Classic Car week a gathering that celebrates classic beauty, elegance and superb restoration of vintage automobile.


In the world of equestrianism there is no greater honor than to test your skill at the FEI World Equestrian Games. During the course of the games, individual competitors and teams are tested in a variety of equestrian disciplines. In order to succeed, the participants must work in unison with their animal and display skill, precision, bravery, and grace -- the same aspects that made Rolex the company it is today.

It comes as no surprise that apart from being the sponsor of FEI World Equestrian Games, Rolex also rewards champion equestrian for their hard work and dedication to the sport. Among Rolex featured athletes are Zara Phillips, Spruce Meadows "Masters", Eric Lamaze, Steve Guerdat, and many more.


It would stand to reason that a company that created some of the best maritime tool watches in history of luxury Swiss watchmaking would be a sponsor of the most challenging yacht race in the world: The Rolex Fastnet Race. During this race, captains and their vessels must navigate the Celtic Sea in challenging weather conditions with the speed, precision, and nerve that only a dedicated few are capable of. The race is held every two years and because of its challenging nature serves as a pilgrimage for yacht enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike.

Among other races that Rolex sponsors is Rolex Swan Cup, a biannual yacht race of off the coast of Sardinia, Rolex FARR 40 World Championship, a team competition in the Tasman Sea, Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, a 628 mile race in challenging conditions, and a Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.