Navitimer is one of the Breitling iconic and most popular watches. Released in the early 1950's this is a perfect navigation watch that is created for a serious pilot. Multitude of tools and options allows its wearer to set time zones, count elapsed time and distance. Vintage Navitimer timepieces usually yield high value and are a great investment for a serious collector.


The Chronomat is where Navitimer received its roots. Produced in 1941, the Chronomat was a watch catered to the "working" intellectual men who would rebuild the world after World War II was over. The watch featured a slide-rule, a minutes marked in 3,6, and 9 intervals to calculate long distance call times as the time was billed in 3 minutes intervals, and a stop watch. Breitling Chronomat is a brand classic. Just like the Navitimer, this watch would make a smart investment if purchased at a low price. The value and the demand for the vintage Chronomat timepieces continues to grow.


The Datora was an important first for Breitling. In the early 1940's Breitling devised a mechanism that would allow the watch to display the day and the month side by side 12 o'clock marker and a date as a center sweep hand. This incredibly complex movement earned its place on the pages of watchmaking history.


Although this Cosmonaut is a recently made watch, it ended up on this list because of its limited availability. Since it is an anniversary edition release only 2000 watches were made.


Yet another one of the modern day watches that made our list. What makes Twin Sixty 2 unique is that the watch was discontinued due to the low demand. The watch uses a Breitling 39 movement and is 41.5 mm in diameter. The specifications of this watch are basically the same as a previous model. The limited production span of the Twin Sixty 2 will inevitably catapult it into the collectible category in the next few years.


Breitling Unidate is another example of the 1950's classic simplicity. The watch features a very thin bezel, a large dial with "index" markers and a date window at 3 o'clock. These watches have been making a comeback over the last few years as vintage becomes more and more fashionable.


This is a recent release watch with a limited batch. Only 2000 Transocean Chronograph Limited watches were released and even fewer (200) were available in rose gold option. This timepiece differs from others in the line due to the golden "B" on the dial. It is truly a remarkable piece that will appreciate in value as time progresses.


This early 1980's gem is unique in its design. Four different movements with four separate crowns power this watch. The dial is also unique in the sense that it does not have a unifying dial but instead features four separate sub dials. This watch is a definite statement piece and is guaranteed to earn you a second look.


A typical vintage look of this watch is going to a touch of classic sportiness to your collection. The watch features a manual wind chronograph, a stopwatch, a tachometer, 30 minute counter at 12 o'clock, a date window positioned at 3 o'clock, and a 12 hour dial at six o'clock. The crown is located at 12 o'clock instead of at 3 o'clock with chronometer push pins on either side, giving this watch a stopwatch-like look and a sporty feel.


A classic, military look paired with extreme durability make this watch an instant vintage classic. Released in 1979, this watch has a 24-hour dial as well as a standard 12- hour dial. Breitling Military has a raised, domed bezel to protect the crystal from hits and strikes and will look incredible for any occasion.


This watch is done in the classic style of tool watches in the 1960's. The shiny, bright dial features three black subdials, index markers, a beautiful baton hands. The watch has a stop watch, chronograph, seconds sub dial, and a 30-minute counter. Breitling Long Playing is a true classic.


Yet another 1960's vintage classic that features a Venus 179 movement. This watch is functional and incredibly stylish. The dial features three black subdials, index markers, and a stopwatch. This watch has a clean, no noses feel to it and will sit perfectly on a larger wrist. This is a marvelous example of the timeless Breitling style.


Breitling AVI/ Co-Pilot was produced in 1950's-1960's. The watch was produced in three registered chronograph variations. This is another Breitling watch from their aviation series that is specifically design to assist pilots in completing complex calculation.


Sprint was designed for distance runners which is likely why it earned its name. The watch came with a convenient function that allowed runners to calculate their heart rate with ease after an exhausting run.


Emergency is one of the indispensable watches if you are planning on a serious adventure. Although it is a fairly recent watch, it is the first watch of its kind that came with its own ELT that broadcasts on the civilian emergency frequency for the duration of 24-48 hours. This is a highly specialized watch that delivers form and function in one convenient, wrist sized package.