Breitling Professional

Breitling Professional series watches originally belonged to the Aeromarine series. Durable, expertly crafted, and packed with useful features, these timepieces are true, indispensable instruments for anyone who leads an adrenaline filled lifestyle. This watch series is comprised of a number of exemplary horological instruments such as: Aerospace line, Airwolf, B-1 line, B-2, Chronospace line, Co-pilot, Emergency line, Skyracer line, and Hercules.

Currently Breitling Professional series features the following models:


Breitling Emergency line watches are equipped with a micro transmitter that operates on two separate frequencies alerting emergency response personnel to your location. The first transmission occurs at 406 MHz frequency which is intended to be picked up by the search and rescue satellites in the low orbit. The signal is transmitted in 0.44 second bursts and is repeated every 50 seconds. The second signal is transmitted on the 121.5 MHz frequency which is the civilian homing and rescue frequency. This signal lasts 0.75 seconds and is transmitted every 2.25 seconds. The dual signal transmission insures that the search and rescue crews have the best possible chance of attempting a rescue before it is too late. However, be aware that accidental triggering of the ELT device in this Breitling might cost you up to 10,000$ in fines and other hefty penalties.

Aerospace EVO

Aerospace EVO is a powerful and dynamic chronograph watch. Its lightweight titanium case is satin-brushed and equipped with a SuperQuartz movement (a highly accurate Breitling quartz movement). The timepiece is extremely easy to use. A simple rotation, pulling, or pressing of the crown allows the wearer full control of almost all of the watches essential functions such as: 1/100th second chronograph, second time zone, countdown timer, alarm, minute repeater, and calendar. This watch can also be integrated with an optional Co-Pilot electronic module.

Chronospace Automatic

This is by far the ultimate pilots’ instrument. The bezel of this watch features deep grooves on the sides allowing for ease of use when wearing gloves, oversized luminous markers and hands are clearly legible even in low light conditions and the sturdy caliber 23 Breitling chronograph movement with a 42 hour power reserve will keep this watch ticking. The watch is water resistant to 600 feet and comes in stainless steel with your choice of rubber or metal bracelets.