Breitling Unclassified

There are times when we come across a vintage or older Breitling that does not fit into any one of the given Breitling series. Some of these timepieces are standalone models, others could have been unsuccessful attempts at launching a line, and some are specialty pieces that were designed for the military or a specific organization. Regardless of how these watches came to be, the Breitling Unclassified is by far one of the most intriguing categories of timepieces that Breitling had produced.

It is among the unclassified that you will find pieces such as Breitling World, a watch with 4 spate quartz movements and individual crowns, or Vintage Breitling Datora which was a standalone model until recently. Vintage Datora was an extremely popular Breitling model in the 1940’s and 50’s and featured a state of the art chronograph movement.

Titan Gold

The next candidate that made our list is Titan Gold, a watch that you will rarely be able to find in a retail store. This timepiece was not intended to be sold to Breitling customers when it was first released in the early 1990’s. Titan Gold was given out to the Breitling owners as a loaner watch when they brought their timepiece in for service. When the program was discontinued, these watches were sold to private parties. One might say that Breitling Titan Gold is the original pre-owned Breitling!

Military Inspired Models

Breitling Military is a watch that was designed to mimic military issued watches. With its 24 and 12 hour dial and a domed bezel that protects the crystal from accidental strikes, this watch is durable and a classic.

Maritime Chrono is an extremely robust and sturdy watch that was partially inspired by the watches worn by the marines. There weren’t that many of these watches produced to begin with which is why they are highly regarded by Breitling collectors today. Another distinguishing feature of this timepiece is its rather large, 45mm, PVD/Anodized Black Aluminum case. The watch was only made in 1987.

Military Colt

This watch served as an inspiration for the Colt and was only produced for a few years beginning in the late 1980’s and ending in the early 1990’s. This timepiece was available with a rare PACE Military Division logo on the dial as well as the classic Breitling logo.

Rallye Quartz

Inspired by the military watches of the WWI this timepiece has a cage that protects the crystal from accidental strike. The cage can be lifted for better time legibility. This timepieces also features a set of almost disproportionately large, luminous hands.

Sport Watches

Tabarly Quartz is a special Breitling that was designed to be tested by the world renowned yachtsman Eric Tabarly. The watch dial bares his signature and the case back has an inscription that states “designed and tested by Eric Tabarly”. Tabarly was lost at sea during a tragic accident in 1998. This Breitling is one of only a few watches that were designed for yachting.

Breitling Pupitre, an unusual Breitling chronograph with the crown and pushpins located at the 12 o’clock position mimicking a classic stopwatch design. This particular timepiece is fully equipped with everything that a sport enthusiast might want.

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