Breitling Windrider

Breitling Windrider as a collection was created when Breitling made a decision to combine Chonoliner and Nightflight lines under one name. This Breitling watch series is built especially for pilots and boast extreme accuracy, legibility, and usability. Although this is an older, currently discontinued Breitling watch line, the timepieces remain to be highly collectable.

The Windrider series is known for its iconic rider-tab bezel. The bezel features four, small, raised tabs at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Most Windrider series watches are equipped with a highly accurate, Breitling, chronograph movements and feature either an elapsed time bezel or a compass bezel.

There are a number of watches in the Windrider series that are designed to fit the specific needs and fashion aesthetic of the wearer.The line is available in a variety of bezel designs, metal alloy, dial layouts and colors, as well as precious stone options.