Breguet is a luxury watch and jewelry brand that was founded in 1775 by A. L. Breguet. Breguet’s attention to detail and exquisitely crafted timepiece earned him a number of high profile clients such as Louis XVI and Queen Marie- Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Talleyrand, Tsar Alexander I, Queen Victoria, and Winston Churchill to name a few. Breguet’s drive for innovation and the ability to successfully push the boundaries of conventional watchmaking created a new standard to which the rest of the watches were held to.

According to the President and CEO of Montres Breguet, Marc A. Hayek: “Breguet is not only a brand embodying watchmaking, but also a part of our cultural heritage, brimming with history and emotions. The timepieces emerging from the Manufacture Breguet are works of art rendered unique by the artisans’ hand, and endowed with genuine soul”.

Breguet watches are not only remembered through their appearances on the wrist and in the watch pockets of historic figures, but also through mentions in the works of literature. Arguable, Breguet is one of the most written about watch brands in classic literature to date. Poets and authors such as Alexander Pushkin, Honore de Balzac, Stendhal, Alexander Dumas, and many others mentioned Breguet watches in their poems, novels, and other writing.

Breguet’s unusual designs, accuracy, and superb craftsmanship made it one of the most popular choices among diplomats, historic figures, and world leaders for centuries.

Over the centuries, Breguet created thousands of watches, many of which are one of a kind horological works of art that can fetch millions of dollars at auction. However, there are also a number of collections that are affordable, easier to find and extremely collectable.

La Tradition

This collection features open faced watches that display their movement as part of the dial. A small “sub-dial” serves as an actual time display with a number of other dials and indicators cleverly disguised as part of the movement. This collection was inspired by the legendary Souscription watches that the founder, A. L. Breguet created during his lifetime.


Watches from this collection are clean, slim, and timeless like the brand itself. These watches capture the true philosophy and essence of Breguet. They are excellently crafted, artsy, made out of only the finest materials and will last a lifetime.

Classique Complications

Breguet truly set the bard for the rest of the watchmaking industry when it comes to the Grand Complication wristwatch. This collection consists of Breguet timepieces that feature tourbillon designs, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars and other complications housed in exquisitely designed precious metal cases with enameled dials.


Initially designed for the French Navy, this collection completely redefines how we look at a professional style watch. These timepieces are just as much an accessory as they are a functional tool for those that spend their time working in high moisture environments. Don’t be fooled by the delicate and jewelry-like look of these timepieces. They are as ragged as any other military inspired watch and will provide a level of accuracy and style unexpected from such an elegant timepiece.


Breguet watchmakers challenged themselves to create a watch in a tonneau case that could not be mistaken for any other brand but Breguet. They were successful with their challenge. Pieces in this collection feature a variety of complications in a neat, unexpected case shape. This collection features timepieces in a number of precious metals and gemstone settings.

Type XX / Type XXI

Initially designed for the French Air Army in the 1950’s these watches are pilots dream. Luxurious and stylish, these timepieces provide all of the necessary tools for a hobby pilot as well as a seasoned pro. Easy to read dials feature luminescent Arabic numeral hour markers and a highly accurate chronograph complication. Watches in this collection are available in a variety of metals, gem settings, and dial colors.

Reine de Naples

Timepieces in this collection celebrate femininity and refined elegance. Inspired by the watch that A. L. Breguet created for Bonaparte's sister Caroline Queen of Naples this collection is more of a nod to the contemporary jewelry than a watch. These timepieces feature precious metals, gemstones, and a variety of sophisticated complications rarely found in other ladies’ watches. Another unusual aspect of this collection is its signature oval case shape.

High Jewelry Watches

Breguet High Jewelry Watches are exactly what you would expect them to be – watches that read more like bracelets than watches. Crafted out of the fines of materials and set with dazzling gems, these fascinating works of jewelry art are a perfect accessory for almost any special occasion!

Breguet watches are sophisticated, complicated works of art that make a great heirloom pieces and are highly collectable. Centuries of history and affiliation with high profile historic figures make Breguet watches a thought after accessory and a worthy investment.

Breguet actively participates in cultural development and enrichment projects such as preservation of important architectural landmarks and support for musical arts.