In the world of watchmaking quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are some of the most important aspects of the art apart from passion and the drive for innovation. Any discussion on the topic of luxury Swiss watchmaking can’t be complete without the mention of Vacheron Constantin timepieces.

As is the case with most luxury Swiss watches, the timekeeping function is just as important as the symbolism of the brand and the exquisite craftsmanship and design. Vacheron Constantin watches combine centuries of watchmaking expertise with modern materials and traditional motives to create some of the most stunning timepieces.

The story of Vacheron Constantin begins in 1755 when Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his first shop in Geneva Switzerland. Between 1755 and 1785 Jean-Marc Vacheron contributed to the world of watchmaking by creating the first engine turned dial. In 1785 Abraham Vacheron took over the family business and in 1810 Francois Constantin joined the company. While Abraham Vacheron concentrated on handling domestic affairs, Francois Constantin became an international spokesman for the Vacheron & Constantin brand.

Through his travels, Francois Constantin opened a number of new markets and obtained high ranking clients such as the Russian royal family. In 1839 Vacheron & Constantin hired Georges-Auguste Leschot to oversee manufacturing operations. Over the years of his employment Leschot invented the first anchor escapement, designed and built a number of production tools allowing for interchangeability of parts in many watches. Leschot’s standardization practice allowed for movements to be organized into Calibers.

Leschots contributions to the watchmaking world earned him a gold medal at the Arts Society of Geneva. This rightful recognition propelled the popularity of Vacheron & Constantin allowing them to become one of the top fine watchmakers in the world.

During the later years of the 19th century the company was taken over by a series of Vacheron’s and Constantin’s heirs and continued to thrive. In 1877 the company adopted the Maltese cross as its symbol. The choice was inspired by a barrel component which limits tension within the mainspring. This component bares similar shape.

1885 Vacheron & Constantin produced their first non-magnetic movement. The movement was almost completely designed from bronze and gold parts. In 1887 Faberge used a Vacheron & Constantin ladies watch in his Third Imperial Egg as the surprise.

In the early 1970’s Vacheron & Constantin dropped the ampersand symbol from their name and became Vacheron Constantin. In 1979 the company produced one of the expansive watches to date. The Kallista features 118 emerald cut diamonds and required more than 6 000 hours to make and 20 months for the jewelers to complete its enrichment with gemstones.

In 1987 the company was sold to Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani and again in 1996 the company was sold to the Richmond Group. Today Vacheron Constantin remains to be among the top three luxury Swiss watch manufacturers. Vacheron Constantin current collections include:

Patrimony Collection

The Patrimony collection of Vacheron Constantin expresses the fundamental values of the company as well as embodies the timeless elegance of classic watches. Simple yet sophisticated these timepieces speak for themselves through the years of history, expert craftsmanship, and high quality materials.

Malte Collection

The inspiration for this highly technical collection comes from the Vacheron Constantin company logo which was inspired by the Maltese cross. Coincidentally the same shape is also present in the watch movements as a key barrel component which limits tension within the mainspring. This expert combination of history and technology make the Malte collection one of the most captivating Vacheron Constantin collections.

Quai De L’ile Collection

This collection was inspired by the days when fine watches were custom created for every single customer. Vacheron Constantin carries on the tradition of personalized service with this highly personalized collection. Vacheron Constantin customers can choose the shape, material, dial, and movement of their watches based on their personal taste, style, and needs.

Overseas Collection

The Overseas collection is created as the perfect daily watch. Through the use of modern technology combined with the old world attention to detail, this watch collection is one of the most durable, rugged, and wearable. These sporty watches are capable of withstanding magnetism, water resistant, and are crafted from top quality, corrosion resistant materials.

1972 Collection

These Vacheron Constantin watches perfectly depict the playfulness of the 70’s without sacrificing style. Originally designed to commemorate the “Diplome du Prestige de la France”, one of the most through after awards, the watches in this collection boast incredible versatility.

Historiques Collection

This collection is a watch enthusiasts dream. Vacheron Constantin created this collection to celebrate centuries of watchmaking history and pay tribute to the timepieces that are no longer in production. Through this line, the company brought back some of the most popular Vacheron Constantine timepieces and recreated them with modern materials thus improving the life and quality of the watch.

Metiers D’Arts Collection

The timepieces in this collections are truly stunning works of art. Master enamellers, gemsetters, guillochuers, engravers, and other artists work tirelessly to combine art and precision of watchmaking in order to create intricate, one of a kind timepieces. This collection speaks to the openness and the transmission of tradition of Vacheron Constantin.

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