Omega Constellation

The Constellation line of Omega watches was born with the release of a 100th anniversary, limited edition, and self-winding chronometer named Century in 1948. The watch was a great success and although it was never meant to become a full line of watches, in 1952 Omega launched a series of watches with the same movement and design characteristics as the original Century and named it Constellation.

Much like the predictable and reliable movement of star constellations through the sky, Omega’s Constellation line watches are known for their highly accurate movements. Omega Constellation line was offered in a variety of finishes: Constellation was available in steel or gold, Constellation Deluxe was only available in gold, and Constellation Grand Deluxe was available in gold and platinum.

Until 1956, Omega Constellation is known as Globemaster in the United States due to a trademark problem. However, right after the issue was resolved, Omega released a Constellation Calendar. This watch was supposed to launch the Constellation line to a new level as a watch that is so much more than just a watch.

Omega Constellation watches remain largely unchanged until the 1960’s when the company introduces a new, “C” case (a case that looks like two letters C are converging). In 1967, Omega launched the first ladies’ Omega Constellation line and by the end of the 1960’s this line became available in a number of finishes and metal alloys.

In the 1970’s the Constellation became available with a quartz movement and in 1982, yet another redesign boosted the popularity of this line even further. When Omega introduced Constellation Manhattan the watch became an overnight success. The familiar features of the Constellation line were skillfully combined with the fashion forward elements of modern watchmaking making this watch a favorite with celebrities and political figures.

ORBIS Constellation Star

Omega was always involved in a lot of humanitarian efforts around the globe, however, none are as touching and arguably as innovative (from the consumer standpoint) as the ORBIS Constellation Star initiative.

Through this humanitarian program, Omega supports ORBIS International and Flying Eye Hospital. The organization delivers expert level eye care to some of the remote places in the world in an effort to prevent blindness. Omega donates part of the proceeds from every Constellation Star purchase to benefit the efforts of ORBIS and its subsidiaries.

Omega Constellation Star watch features a 27 mm stainless steel case, 18 kt white gold start elements on the dial, and a diamond set bezel. This particular Omega has a caliber 8520 co-axial, mechanical movement, and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal case back to show of this marvel of watchmaking.


Omega Constellation Sedna is one of the limited edition noteworthy watches. Being on the forefront of watchmaking innovation, Omega strives to develop new technologies and metal alloys to improve the performance and design aesthetic of their timepieces.

Omega Sedna is a new alloy of 18 kt rose gold that Omega developed specifically for their rose gold watches. This proprietary blend of gold, copper, and palladium prevents premature tarnishing of the timepiece.

Omega Constellation Sedna features caliber 8501 co-axial movement, 18 kt rose gold sedan case, Roman numeral adorned bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal caseback, and is water resistant to 330 feet. This watch is a truly stunning example of classic style and modern watchmaking.

Luxury Limited Edition

Every constellation needs a star and every star should shine with icy fire. Omega Constellation Luxury Limited Edition watches are just that icy star of the Constellation series. This particular line of Omegas is distinct from the rest in its elegant opulence. The watch is set with a number of diamonds that radiate from the six o’clock position on the dial. Some of the more striking models in this line are set with more than two thousand diamonds (depending on the case size). This line of Omega watches is guaranteed to get you noticed.