The Radiomir line was almost lost after Panerai stopped producing instruments and watches for the Royal Italian Navy in the 1950’s. For some time Panerai struggled and it wasn’t until Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger began wearing Panerai timepiece that the brand experienced a resurgence in popularity.

The Classic Radiomir Models

Radiomir California 3 Days and Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days are two classic Panerai Radiomir models that give tribute to the 1936 Radiomir watches worn by the Royal Italian Navy. These watches elegantly emphasizes the importance of time through their minimalist nature.

Both models feature the classic Radiomir cushion case with wire lugs and a simple, soft leather bracelet. Radiomir California 3 Days, however displays time on a split Roman numeral and Arabic numeral dial. This classic and usual dial gives this modern watch a vintage feel.

Although the days of Radium markers are long gone, the markers on these Radiomir models are just as luminous and considerably less dangerous. The highly radioactive Radium compound was replaced by the modern day phosphorescent pain in order to illuminate the hands and markers of these timepieces.

Both Radiomir California 3 Day and Radiomir S.C.L. 3 Days feature a durable sapphire crystal case back as well as a sapphire crystal covering the face of the watch. The cases are made out of high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel and are 47 mm. These timepieces are water resistant to 100 meters or 10 bars of pressure.

Radiomir 1940

Radiomir 1940 is offered in a variety of metals and finishes. From stainless steel to rose gold, this watch received a facelift while keeping true to its vintage predecessor. In the 1940’s Panerai changed the lug shape on their Radiomir watches due to a number of complaints about the lug design. The previous wire design made it hard to switch straps and wasn’t very durable when it came to wear and tear during missions. Commandos found that the previous wire attachment easily broke when subjected to accidental strikes.

In the 1940’s Panerai incorporated the lugs into the design of the case. The lugs and the case were milled out of the same piece of metal and the bracelet attached by inserting a small metal bar between the lugs. This solved the problem of the flimsy wire as well as allowed the wearer to change out bracelets with more ease.

Modern Radiomir 1940 pays homage to the moment in history when Radiomir made one of the key adjustments to the look of their flagship model. With the use of modern luxury materials such as white, yellow, and rose gold as well as sapphire crystal as the case back and on the face of the watch, these Radiomir watches received a much needed face lift while keeping the vintage look and feel.

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