Patek Philippe is one of the leading luxury Swiss watch manufactures in the world. However, the fame of Patek Philippe brand isn’t limited by the pretty timepieces they create. The company regularly produces grand complication watches for horological competitions as well as for regular retail purposes. Although the honor for the most complicated timepiece ever created goes to Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe built the world’s most complicated portable timepiece not once, but twice since the year 2000.

The Grand Complications Collection by Patek Philippe reflects the brand's ability to design and execute useful, fairly small, and well-designed timepieces with any number of complications. Unlike other grand complication watches, Patek Philippe Grand Complications Collection features a streamline and clean dial layout which promotes legibility. The Grand Complications watches aren’t bulky and overwhelming but sleek and almost too simple.

Timepieces in this collection display complications such as moon phase indicator, chronograph function, date and day of the week, fly-back seconds hand and many others. Some timepieces incorporate all of the previously mentioned functions in one watch.

Grand Complications 5304R-001

The most notable and unique of the Grand Complications watches is a 5304R-001. Although not truly a skeleton watch, the dial of this timepiece exposes some of the key components of the movement and its complications. Expertly crafted, this stunning rose gold watch is equipped with Caliber R 27 PS QR LU, 41 jewel, self-winding movement.

The watch features a minute repeater, perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand, a two gong chime, moon phase hand, and day, month, leap year calendar. The watch face and case back are protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This 2014 Grand Complication watch is absolutely captivating in its bare state. It serves as a reminder that although Patek Philippe watches can look simple and clean on the surface, the macrocosm of complications is as vast as the amount of work and detail that goes into putting together one timepiece.

Ermitage and Grand Complications Collection

Here, at Ermitage Jewelers, we believe that the work of Swiss luxury watchmakers should be preserved and celebrated to the utmost degree which is why we only buy, sell, and trade authentic luxury Swiss watches. Our master watchmaker repairs any Patek Philippe watches that need his attention with only brand specific parts before they ever hit the showroom floor.

All of the Patek Philippe watches that we sell come with a one year limited warranty and a 10 day money back guarantee. When you buy a watch from us, you are buy a piece of well-preserved history at competitive prices.

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