When looking for a luxury Swiss sports watch most people immediately turn to companies such as Rolex or Breitling completely foregoing Patek Philippe. Patek’s sport watches may not be the most “equipped” watches on the market, but what they lack in the “bells and whistles” they make up in quality, durability, and style.

Patek Philippe broke into the sport watch market with the launch of the Aquanaut in 1997. This casually elegant watch features an unusually shaped case. Patek Philippe describes it as “rounded octagonal” shape.

Watches in the Aquanaut collection contain more than 200 individual pieces and feature a 45 hour power reserve. Most Aquanauts are equipped with a Patek Philippe 324 S C movement, are water resistant to 120 meters and feature a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on the face as well as on the case back of the watch.

Aquanaut watches stainless steel although the 5167 model comes in an option of rose gold. Most watches in this collection are available on the “tropical” strap, which is a casual, hypoallergenic, soft, rubber-like strap with slip resistant design. Some Aquanaut models are available on a stainless steel link bracelet.

Although this is a fairly recent collection as far as the Patek Philippe collections are concerned, Aquanauts are remarkably popular and fairly rare. As we have mentioned before, Patek Philippe releases only a limited number of models per reference number thus ensuring the models rarity and value retention.

If you are looking for an unusual, casual and sporty watch, consider investing in the timeless design and outstanding quality of a Patek Philippe Aquanaut timepiece.

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