One of the most famous and popular Patek Philippe collections has to be the Calatrava collection. Created in the 1930’s this collection serves as a classic reminder that quality, sophisticated design, and excellent craftsmanship are timeless attributes of any watch that aspires to hold its relevance.

Calatrava collection was created during the avant-garde era which shows in its sleek design and subtle elegance. This collection embodies some of the key philosophies of Patek Philippe: creating excellently crafted timepieces whose timeless beauty reflects their mechanical perfection.


The name Calatrava hales back to the days of early Christianity. Order of Calatrava was the first military order founded in Castile. According to some, Patek chose the Calatrava cross as the symbol of the brand because it was a readily available and recognizable image, others argue that the shape of the Calatrava cross mimicked the integral part of a watch movement (much like the Maltese cross of Vacheron Constantin). Regardless of the reason why Patek chose the cross as the symbol for his entire brand and as the name for one of his most famous collections, the fact remains that Calatrava collection watches are just as famous and fearless as the legendary knights of the Calatrava Order.

The first Calatrava watch was a reference 96 model. The entire inspiration for the collection came from the minimalist principles taught at Bauhaus school of art and architecture in Germany. One of the guiding principles that Patek Philippe consistently displays in all of their watches is that form must follow function. The circular shape of the Calatrava case reflects the circular shape of the movement and the clarity of the dial contributes to its legibility.

Modern Calatrava

Although the faces of the Calatrava collection evolved over the years, Patek Philippe kept some of the key features of the watch. Although there are a couple of Calatrava models that look more like watches from the Complications Collection, as a general rule most Calatrava models are understated. Thin bezels and profile combined with an uncluttered, almost minimalistic dial create a very timeless look.

Andy Warhol’s Calatrava

A number of famous historic figures wore Calatrava watches. Among them was Andy Warhol, a pop artist and avid watch collector, he was better known for his Cartier Tank watch, although he has a very rare Calatrava 2526 in his position that he wore often. Andy Warhol’s Calatrava was unusual because of its Arabic numerals instead of index markers. At that time applying Arabic numerals to a ceramic dial was significantly more difficult and required a great deal more time and skill. Consequently, vintage Calatrava models with Arabic numerals are remarkably rare and fairly expensive.

Calatrava at Ermitage Jewelers

The Calatrava Collection watches are available in men’s and ladies’ with a number of finishes and dial colors. Although the modern Calatrava watches can look fairly decadent, the key idea behind the design of the watch remains: form must follow function.

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