If you are looking for an elegant luxury Swiss watch with great value retention and timeless elegance, look no further than Patek Philippe. Their watches are created with tradition, innovation, rarity, value, and superior design and craftsmanship in mind. Every watch that leaves the Patek Philippe facility is ready for decades of daily wear and use. Patek Philippe places a great deal of emphasis keeping their watches fashionably relevant for generations to come.

As mentioned previously, one of the core values of the company is innovation. In 1968 Patek Philippe stunned the watchmaking world by producing a watch based on the Golden Ratio that was so pleasing and appealing that it became an overnight success and an instant classic.

The first model of the Golden Ellipse Collection was launched in the year of a worldwide revolution –1968. The model was unusual and fit with the rebellious spirit of the decade by combining expertly balanced proportions with boldness of the watches form. This watch became one of the flagships of the Patek Philippe collection as well as one of the most readily recognizable instant classics.

The shape of this watch is inspired by the Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle discovered more than 2000 years ago. The Golden ratio is intrigued both artists and engineers alike. The balance and the proportion of the ratio create a visually pleasing form every time. Many artists such as Michelangelo and Dali used the principal of the Golden Ratio in their art works.

The Golden Ellipse Collection features watches with linear ellipse cases and an uncluttered, simple dial. The sunburst treatment on the dial adds to the visual interest of the watch while simple index markers and thin hands contribute to the simplicity and legibility of the watch.

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Our Patek Philippe watches come with a one year limited warranty and a 10 day money back guarantee so you can rest assured that your watch is taken care of by the best in the business.

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