“Form must follow function” is one of the key guiding principles when it comes to creating the perfect Patek Philippe timepiece. The companies’ drive for excellence in everything that they do and in every timepiece that they produce results in the creation of some of the most unique and elegant timepieces.

The Gondolo Collection is the perfect representation of this timeless elegance. Originally inspired by the Chronometro Gondola watch which Patek Philippe made for Gondolo & Labouriau from 1902 to 1927, the Gondolo Collection watches combine the streamlined and stylized aesthetic of the art deco movement with exceptionally accurate movements.

Rectangular, Tonneau, or cushion shaped, these watches feel like they have been taken out of the roaring twenties. However, don’t discount the art deco look just yet. Although these timepieces look fairly antique, the modern finishing techniques bring them into the 21st century. Much like the Complications Collection features some of the most popular watches with more than a few complications, the Gondolo Collection reimagines the art deco movement. The collection was first launched in 1990 and to this day boasts a tremendous amount of success.

These dress watches are available in men’s and ladies’ with a variety of dial configurations and in a number of metal alloys. Ladies’ Gondolo watches are available with diamonds on the dial as well as on the bezel. Most Gondolo collection watches are outfitted with a leather strap although some come on a link bracelet.

If you are looking for a vintage inspired piece, Gondolo collection is the right place to a watch. Romantically elegant and elegantly simple, Gondolo watches will delight for years to come. Due to their limited release, these models make perfect heirlooms and retain their value well.

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