When you hear people talk about luxury Swiss watches, you will inevitably hear three names: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantine, and Audemars Piguet. Patek Philippe is a company which has been on the forefront of innovation in the field of horology for almost two centuries. Along with the two other previously mentioned brands, Patek Philippe is a leader in creating watches with additional functions such as calendars, world time display, and dual time zones. Their Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, for example, set an industry standard on what it means to be a multiple complication timepiece.

The Complications Collection Overview

Over the centuries, Patek Philippe has produced a large number of timepieces ranging from pocket watches to jewelry and wrist watches. If you are a fan of Patek’s timepieces, the choices are nearly endless. One of the most famous Patek Philippe collections is the Complications Collection.

This collection encompasses modern interpretations of some of the most popular vintage Patek Philippe models such World Time 1415HU and the 1518 Perpetual Chronograph. The idea behind the Complications Collection was to give tribute and recreate vintage models with modern materials and better movements. The collection adheres to the Patek’s philosophy of creating stunning watches with useful complications in limited production spans.

Complication Collection Reference 5130’s

The Complications Collection includes models such as 5130, 5130/1, and 5131. These watches are all based on the famous World Time 1415 HU timepiece which was first released in the 1939. Although the modern version of the 1415HU is significantly larger, the watch can’t be mistaken for anything other than the World Time watch. In the newer model, the cities display was incorporated into the dial, the 24 hour ring still moves counter-clockwise to indicate time and the hands remain unchanged.

Complication Collection Reference 5146’s

Reference numbers 5146 and 5146/1 are both based on the iconic 1518 Perpetual Calendar Patek Philippe timepiece which was released in 1941. Patek Philippe kept the look of this vintage timepiece changing only the size (the modern version is a bit larger) and altering the case shape ever so slightly. The iconic date window at 12 o’clock, moon phase indicator and chronograph subdials remain the same. This watch was outfitter with a newer, more resilient movement and is thinner and lighter than its vintage predecessor.

If you like the way vintage watches look but don’t want to spend the time and the money to find one, these modern alternatives offer the classic look of a vintage for a significantly lower price.

Patek Philippe Skeleton Watch

Another notable and stunning Patek Philippe timepieces from the Complications Collection is reference 5180/1G-010. This amazing skeleton watch isn’t only a great example of watchmaking excellence, it is a work of art. This watch features an ultra-thin, 27 jewel, mechanical movement caliber 240 SQU features 159 individual parts with 6 bridges and a 22kt yellow gold off-center mini rotor. Every piece of the movement is visible. The Calatrava cross and other decorative details on the rotors and bridges are hand finished down to the last detail.

Each watch is detailed and assembled by hand which is why no two pieces are completely alike. Patek Philippe only released a very limited number of these timepieces which is why they are expected to increase in value exponentially over the course of the next few years.

The Complication Collection at Ermitage Jewelers

The aforementioned timepieces are not the only pieces in the Complication collection. Reference numbers 5147, 5170, 5205, 5235, 5396, 5396/1, 5960/1, and 5961 are also a part of the list and are very popular. Every reference number in the Complications Collection was released with a limited number of models.

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