Much before there were wristwatches, the world relied on stand along timepieces as well as pocket watches to note the passage of time. Every year Patek Philippe celebrates this time honored tradition by releasing a few very special pocket watch pieces.

Patek Philippe has two pocket watch collections Lepine and Hunter. The key difference between the two collections is that Lepine watches are “open faced” meaning that they don’t have a lid that protects the crystal while Hunter watches feature a lid which is often decorated or engraved.

Through these modern interpretations of antique timepieces Patek Philippe celebrates more than 400 years of the Geneva watchmaking history. Today only a handful of true pocket watch craftsman remain who are capable of the detail oriented work that is required to assemble and decorate a stunning timepiece.

Today vintage and antique Patek Philippe pocket watches retail for moderate prices when compared to other Patek models as the popularity of these extravagant timepieces is declining. If you are a watch enthusiast interested in pocket watches, right now is the time to invest!

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