Patek Philippe strives to be the leader in the world of fine watchmaking. Among other company values, Patek Philippe emphasizes quality of craftsmanship, innovation, value, and rarity. Patek watches are guaranteed to be crafted out of the top quality materials in their state of the art facilities. All movements and parts are usually created in house in order to insure quality, value retention.

Patek Philippe prides themselves on creating timeless watches with rich heritage. Simple yet sophisticated designs of Patek Philippe timepieces allow for smooth transition from one fashion trend to the other. Patek Philippe watches keep true to long established practice of ingenuity and passion for the art of watchmaking.

One of the most appealing traits of a Patek Philippe watch is its almost guaranteed collectability factor. The average size of a production run is between 10 pieces to several hundred. Some Patek Philippe watches have earned their cult status among collectors and watch enthusiasts. The rarity of some models makes Patek Philippe watches a perfect heirloom and a special occasion gift.

Currently, Patek Philippe has 10 collections available for sale. The collections include:


This collection is made with an active individual in mind. Special safeguard prevent accidental rotation of the screw-down crown and a comfortable leather wrist band insures comfort. The unusual, rounded shape of this timepiece and exquisite materials insure that this watch is always going to be in style.


This collection was inspired by the avant-garde era of the 1930’s and features sleek, elegant lines. These Patek Philippe watches have withstood the test of time largely due to their simple and clean design and superb movement quality. Calatrava watches are available in both men’s and ladies’ collections in a variety of finishes.


This collections features watches in a variety of complications. Annual calendars, additional time zones, moon phase indicators, and world time displays are just some of the few complications to choose from.

Golden Ellipse

This is a flagship collection of Patek Philippe. Launched in 1968, the Golden Ellipse watch is breathtaking in its strict simplicity. The watch was designed with the golden ratio in mind, a mathematical anomaly that fascinated artists and scientists alike.


This contemporary interpretation of art-deco era watches pays tribute to the Chronometetro Gondolo, a series of watches that Patek Philippe designed and manufactured for Gondolo & Labouriau between 1900’s and 1930’s. Just like most of the other Patek Philippe collections, this one is striking in its simplicity and clean elegance.

Grand Complications

The Grand Complication collection strives to feature some of the most complicated movements in the world. Watches in this collection have a number of features packed into some of the most stylish and appealing watches. Timepieces in this collection are larger than most other Patek Philippe pieces and feature gemstones as well as precious metals.


Launched in 1976 and inspired by a porthole, these sport watches are some of the most thought after Patek Philippe models. The original Nautilus 3700/1 is one of the most collectable Patek Philippe watches that one can find. This is one of those collections that inspired a cult-like following.

Today this watch is offered in a number of styles with a variety of dial colors and gem options.

Twenty ~4

This collection is an interpretation of the classic Gondolo watch for ladies’. Gold cases set with Top Wesselton diamonds feature some of the most innovative Patek Philippe movements. These watches are simply breathtaking, versatile, functional accessories.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of the Patek Philippe models, these watches are highly sought after pieces that are available new and pre-owned today. Vintage and antique Patek Philippe timepieces are becoming increasingly harder to find due to the company’s philosophy of limited release series. Both modern and vintage Patek Philippe models have great value retention and remain relevant in the world of watchmaking and as a fashion accessory for years to come.