Rolex offers a number of bracelets for their watches, some of the most popular models and their original clasps are listed below. Keep in mind that most of the clasps and bracelets are interchangeable.



Oyster bracelet is one of the oldest Roelx bracelets that are still used on Rolex watches. Created in 1930’s, this flat, three-piece, metal, link bracelet remains to be one of the most popular. This bracelet is usually found on the professional line of Rolex watches but can also be found of Day-Date and Datejust models. This bracelet can be equipped with an Oysterlock, Oysterclasp, Glidelock, or a Crownclasp.



Jubilee is a five piece, link metal bracelet that was designed for the initial release of the Datejust in 1945. Today, many Rolex watches are outfitted with a Jubilee bracelet. The bracelet can come in a variety of metal alloys as well as in two-tone options. This bracelet is outfitted with a Crownclasp.


The President Bracelet was designed in 1956 for the release of the Day-Date. The bracelet features semi-circular three piece links and is outfitted with a Corwnclasp. This bracelet can usually be found on the Day-Date and certain models of the Datejust.




Pearlmaster bracelet is one of the recent additions to the Rolex bracelet collection. Crated in 1992, this bracelet features a five-piece, rounded link construction and is available on special additions of the Day-Date and Datejust models. The bracelet is outfitted with a Crownclasp.



Easylink a system that is hidden by the clasp and allows the wearer to expand the length of the bracelet by 5 mm for maximum comfort.