Crownclasp is also known as the Hidden Clasp. When the clasp is latched, it forms an illusion of a continuous bracelet with only a gold crown visible.

Oysterlock clasp


Oysterlock clasp is one of the most common clasps found on a Rolex bracelet.

Glidelock Clasp


Glidelock clasp is most often found on diving watches. The clasp allows diver to expand the bracelet of the watch by 18mm (total) to fit the band over a dive suite.

Ardillon Buckle


Ardillon Buckle or Tang Buckle is a traditional buckle where one end of the bracelet is slipped through a metal buckle and secured with a center pin. This buckle closely resembles a belt buckle.

Deployant Buckle

Deployant Buckle or a Fold-over Clasp is a buckle that secures the bracelet to the wrist through a set of interlocking metal pieces.