Watches are available in a variety of sizes to fit any size writs and personal aesthetic. It might be hard to zero in on the right size for you without trying a watch on. So, what is one to do when buying a watch online? Figure out the size of the watch and use a ruler to measure out the appropriate size in millimeters, draw out a circle, cut it out and apply it to your wrist. In order to convert millimeter into inches, multiply the size of the case in millimeters by .03937. Example: 40 x .03937 = 1.57 inches.

Men’s v. Women’s Watches

Generally, men’s watches range from 34 mm – 55 mm while women’s watches are 22 mm – 44 mm. In recent years, more and more women began wearing men’s models which is why there is a size overlap. This is especially true with vintage models which are slightly smaller than the modern day equivalents.


Midsize watches are also known as “boy’s models” because they are smaller than the men’s models and yet are identical to them.


You might notice that vintage watches are considerably smaller in size than their modern counter parts. That is largely due to the change in fashion.