A luxury watch deserves a luxury bracelet. Rolex bracelets are known for comfort, durability, and exquisite styles designed to suit any taste. A Rolex bracelet serves as an extension of the watch and usually transitions seamlessly from the case to the clasp. Of course, there is a large variety of bracelet options available with various finishes, gems, and metal alloys. The sizes standard sizes of the bracelets are as follows:

13-14mm Standard Ladies’ size bracelet

17mm Mid-Sized bracelet

19-20 mm Standard Men’s size bracelet

Three of the most popular bracelet options are Oyster, President, and Jubilee bracelets. Although there are numerous other bracelet options that also include leather and strap bracelets.



An Oyster bracelet brings a touch of timeless elegance to Rolex watch. It is a classic, almost minimalistic design where the almost square, center links are larger than the rectangular brush-finished side links. An Oyster bracelet is as unmistakable as the watch that it holds. Outside of the traditional Rolesor and solid metal options there are a few jewel Oyster bracelet options that are available for those that would like a touch of decadent elegance:

An Oyster Super Carat Diamond bracelet is set with a choice of 100, 174, 270, or 286 round cut diamonds. There is also an option of setting the bracelet with 174 smaller diamonds and a choice of 14 gems that can include: large diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

An Oyster Super Karat Pink Sapphire bracelet is set with 100 highest quality, naturally occurring, pink sapphires.

An Oyster Super Karat Blue Sapphire bracelet is set with 100 highest quality, naturally occurring blue sapphires.


A President bracelet was introduced in 1954 with the release of the Day Date watch. A President bracelet evokes the feeling of power and security and has become one of the first choices among the power players in this country and abroad. The bracelet features large, polished, rectangular center links with smaller, almost square, brush-finished side links. Outside of the size difference of the links, the President bracelet differs from the Oyster bracelet by its number of links in total. The President bracelet usually features a larger number of links (depending on your wrist size the number could be anywhere between 24-36 links) where the Oyster bracelet has less links due to its link size (usually 13 or less depending on your wrist size).

Like the Oyster bracelets, President bracelets offer a gem set bracelet options.

Super President Baguette bracelet is set with 50 or 74 round cut diamonds and 23 or 35 baguette cut diamonds.


Super President Karat bracelet has the option of being set with 204, 288, 348, 443, or 460 round cut diamonds.


President Bark features a bark- like finish on the center links.


Super President Two -Toned bracelet features rose gold center links flanked by yellow gold links.



A Jubilee bracelet was introduced with the release of arguably the most popular Rolex made to date-- Rolex Datejust. This stunning and iconic bracelet is comprised of five rows of links with the center three rows being smaller than the outer two and is reminiscent of a basket weave.

The Jubilee bracelet comes in a variety of precious metals, bark finish as well as in a variety of gem set options.