Rolex Military watches are a rare and stunning find. Created at the beginning of World War I, these timepieces were given out to the high ranking British military officers. Rolex designed these watches with durability and longevity in mind. Over the course of the war, not many of these watches survived and even less are in excellent condition.

These rare timepieces are about as difficult to find as an all-black Rolex Submariner which were issued to the British officers stationed in Africa. What makes this particular Rolex so fascinating and rare is its hybrid look. The watch bares characteristics unique to sports watches as well as casual / dress Rolex watches. Its 15 jewel movements is housed in a case that resembles a casual watch more than a professional line, yet the dial of the watch has oversized Arabic numerals and large luminescent hands for better legibility in the dark and in adverse conditions.

All in all this is a stylish, functional watch created to survive trench warfare as well as a party will ensure that your rare watch collection is like no other. One of the rarest attributes of this military watch line is its case. It is uncommon to see these military watches in silver screw back cases, so if you have the opportunity to purchase one, we would recommend you don’t hesitate.

Traditionally, these watches would be presented on a military strap, but as the time went on, these simple straps were replaced with leather bands. Regardless of the bracelet choice, this watch is one of the rare, incredible finds that is worth every penny. Due to their limited availability, these watches are not cheap, but they also retain their value quite well.

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We believe in the integrity of the luxury Swiss watchmaking which is why we don’t sell replica watches or use off brand parts during restoration process. All of the watches that we buy, sell, or trade have been subjected to our extensive quality control process in order to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible quality timepieces.

Our state of the art watch repair and restoration facility can handle any job, big or small. We restore vintage Rolex watches back to their dazzling glory using only brand specific parts. Our experienced and trained watchmakers treat every watch like it is a one of a kind timepiece. The extra care that we put into all of our restoration jobs prevents the watch from losing value down the road due to the use of subpar parts.

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