Rolex Datejust was initially released in 1945 and was the first luxury Swiss watch to feature a date complication. Today, Datejust is one of the top selling Rolex watches in the world and is highly thought after by both watch collectors and the fashion industry.

Rolex Datejust is an iconic Rolex watch. Its fluted bezel is an unmistakable symbol of achievement, dedication to quality, and style. Throughout history Rolex awarded their Datejust watches as gifts to those that contributed the most to various causes. For example: President Eisenhower was awarded a Rolex for his contributions to the efforts against Nazi Germany. To learn more about Datejust in history click here.

Rolex Datejust watch can be as toned down or as flashy as the wearer wants it to be. With hundreds of aftermarket dials, bezels, and hour markers available today, the possibilities of creating a truly unique look are endless.

If you have decided that a Rolex Datejust is for you, consider the following before you invest:

  • Take the time to find the right retailer.
  • Make sure that you are getting the real deal.
  • Ask yourself: is this watch really worth the money?


Buying your Rolex from a reputable retailer will save you time and money. This is especially important when you are buying a pre-owned watch. Here are some of the characteristics of a reputable Rolex retailer:

You will not be rushed into a purchase if you are not ready to buy.

All your questions should be answered and all of your concerns should be addressed.

There should be a professional watchmaker on staff.

There should be a return policy or a money-back-guarantee

Your watch should come with a warranty or you should be able to buy one if you choose to.

If at any point you feel pressured, pushed, rushed, or are not getting the information that you are requesting – walk away. The deal might be incredible, but if you are uncomfortable with the level of service, there is no guarantee that you are going to the getting a real watch.

If you are buying your watch from a private party, make sure that you get all as much information as possible about the watch. The information should include: reference numbers, repair and maintenance history, detailed photographs (if you can’t inspect the watch in person), and an appraisal.

If the private party is having a hard time providing any of that information, the watch is probably not worth your money.


Even if you are buying your watch from a reputable retailer, you should always get your watch authenticated by a professional. Even the best in the business sometimes make mistakes and you don’t want to end up paying for someone else dropping the ball. The list below will help you weed out some of the most atrocious fakes, but the higher end fakes are harder to spot which is why we recommend you do an independent appraisal. For a more detailed Rolex Authentication guide click here.

  • A genuine Rolex will be heavy.
  • The seconds hand should have smooth movement.
  • The date window should be centered over a Cyclops-eye lens and magnified x2.5.
  • The markers and the logo should be flawless.
  • A genuine Rolex winding crown should be smooth to operate and have an engraved logo.
  • The watch should have proper reference numbers.


Just like you wouldn’t pay top dollar for a waxed and shiny Ferrari with a blow engine, you shouldn’t be paying top price for a watch with problems. The condition of the watch will become evident when you take it in for an independent appraisal, however, here are some things to look for that will help you save time and money in the long run:

  • If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. If you are buying a pre-owned watch you are ultimately looking for a Rolex in a like new condition that is priced on the low end of reasonable. If the watch is too expensive it is not a good investment, if a watch is too cheap, it should set of a red flag.
  • A watch that you are investing in should not have any deep scratches that can’t be buffed out by a professional. Scratches will drive the price down.
  • If the watch comes with a metal bracelet, the links should be tight. In other words, the band shouldn’t be stretched out.
  • Does the watch have all of the authentication papers and maintenance records. Be advised that some watches may not have all of their paperwork and that is ok. That just means that you might have to do some additional research.

If you see any of the things mentioned above, you might be able to bargain. However, be advised that if you are shopping at a jewelry store or other reputable location, there may not be much wiggle room with the price. It never hurts to ask, though.


Ermitage Jewelers has hundreds of pre-owned Rolex watches to choose from. We are an Atlanta area retailer and offer competitive prices on all of our Swiss luxury watches. We offer a 10 day money back guarantee and a limited one year warranty so you can be sure that you are buying the very best. We also offer a number of aftermarket dials, markers, bands, and bezels that we can install in house while you wait.

All of the timepieces that we sell have been tested, cleaned, and restored (if needed) with authentic Rolex parts by our professional watchmakers in a state of the art repair and restoration facility.

Stop by our Atlanta location or browse our collection to find your very own Rolex Datejust.

Available models:
16200, 16220, 16233, 16234, 116200, 116233, 116333, 116300