Austin is truly a gem of American southwest. Rapidly growing and expanding, this city has one of the largest most vocal subcultures that operate under the slogan “Keep Austin Wired”. The slogan was created to protest the cities rapid descent into commercialization. Although it may sound strange to talk about Rolex in connection to this notion of anti-commercialization, but it oddly works.

Rolex has been a proud patron of the arts, community, and innovation. Every year hundreds of talented people come together at the events and conventions sponsored by the Rolex brand all over the world in order to continue developing and supporting local arts communities, scientific research, and small businesses etc. This would untimely be impossible if it wasn’t for the loyal Rolex enthusiasts who tirelessly collect search for and invest into these marvelous time pieces. Think about it this way, every time you purchase a Rolex you are supporting a community of artists, scientists, musicians, students, engineers, and business owners.

With that said, if you are looking to purchase a new Rolex and you are looking for something unusual and durable, we recommend Rolex Milgauss, the most reliable anti-magnetic wrist watch. This watch was created for those who build, create, and heal. Originally created for employees of large power plants, Rolex Milgauss became a favorite in the healthcare industry and among those who work in the areas of high magnetism.

If you are a builder, a scientist, a doctor, or just looking for a highly accurate, unusual watch, we recommend you take a look at this stunning, sophisticated timepiece. Rolex Milgauss is available in stainless steel with a number of various color elements and an iconic Milgauss lightning bolt seconds hand. This watch will definitely work as hard as you do.

A more classic watch for high achievers is a Rolex Day Date. A watch that graced the wrists of many US presidents this timepiece offers a unique complication that displays days of the week in addition to the date. Rolex Day Date is only available in yellow, rose, and white gold with a variety of dial colors and dial markers. This watch can be designed to match your personality and style.

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