Charlotte North Carolina is the financial gem of the East coast. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are both headquartered in Charlotte. The city is also home of the NFL, NBA, and NASCAR Hall of Fame. Charlotte has a pretty exuberant nightlife and amazing historical locations.

Whether you are a pro athlete or business man, Rolex is the watch to wear. Rolex watches are a status symbol, a sign of wealth and great accomplishments. Every few years Rolex presents a watch from their collection to a notable public figure to celebrate their contribution to society. Luckily, you don’t have to be noticed by Rolex in order to wear one.

Rolex Datejust and Rolex President are both perfect, high end, business casual watches to wear. These models can be dressed up or down for an evening at the gala or an evening by the fire in the mountains. If, however, you are looking to add more fire into your life, we recommend looking at Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster for ladies’ and Rolex Datejust with diamond markers for men.

Rolex Explorer and Rolex Explorer II are also great, multi purposed watches. Rolex Explorer was specifically designed for caving expeditions and features an AM / PM indicator hand. While Rolex Explorer II has lost some of its rugged charm, it is just as durable and just as stylish. Its clean and modern design allows the watch to be the perfect accessory regardless of the occasion.

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