If you live or travel to Columbus often than you know that Columbus is a diverse economic center and a home of some of the most prominent, Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Industries such Battelle Memorial Institute, Chemical Abstracts Service, and NetJets are all located in Columbus.

Rolex has been a patron and the supporter of economic development in the countries around the world. No one understands the need for innovation better than the Swiss watchmaker which is why Rolex is consistently improving and evolving its designs. Shortly after World War II, Rolex came out with a design for a watch that resists magnetism ensuring that individuals in the energy and nuclear power industry have a uniquely functional, highly accurate piece of timekeeping equipment.

Although the technology is no longer new, recently Rolex improved on the design of Rolex Milgauss by creating a brand new metal alloy for its hairspring essentially removing the need for a bulky case. Rolex Milgauss lost weight and dimension in the process bringing this watch back to the modern world. Rolex Milgauss is perfect for anyone who works in or around environments of high magnetism. Healthcare professionals, researchers, and leading energy industry specialists wear Milgauss.

Rolex GMT is a bellowed watch of most aviation enthusiasts. Whether flying is your business or you do it recreationally, GMT is the watch for you. Originally created for Pan Am pilots, Rolex GMT is a watch that offers its wearer the ability to keep track of time in up to three time zones. Its professional watch look is complemented by its stunning durability and accuracy. This is the perfect, versatile timepiece.

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