Miami is a popular destination where beautiful people come to play and relax. You’d be hard pressed to find another place that combines passion for life with the passion for extravagant luxury better than Miami anywhere in the world. This coastal city has emerged as a world class cultural hub bringing. Thriving visual and performing arts culture and vibrant nightlife make Miami and irresistible destination.

Apart from glamorous night clubs and cultural arts events, Miami also boasts a rich boating culture. If you enjoy the water, diving, fishing, yachting, or simply floating on the pristine blue water, this is the perfect place for you and your Rolex watch. Rolex Submariner has been the top choice of professional divers worldwide since the 1950’s. This robust yet elegant watch offers uncompromised performance and accuracy in any diving situation. For those that like deep sea diving, there is a Rolex Seamaster with a helium escape valve which helps the watch remain intact during decompression. Chanel your inner James Bond with a classic stainless steel, black bezel Rolex Submariner or dazzle your friends with a sophisticated and elegant look of a white gold Rolex Yacht-Master.

If diving and boating isn’t something that you are interested in and tool / professional watches aren’t going to fit your style and wardrobe, there are casual / dress models of Rolex watches for you to choose from. For example, if you prefer the icy glimmer of diamonds, we recommend a diamond set Rolex Daytona. However, if you are more into natural gemstones, a rare, rainbow bezel Rolex Daytona set with natural sapphires and diamonds.

Rolex Datejust is an excellent versatile watch that transitions beautifully from day to night. Wear it on the beach or wear it at a Miami nightclub. Rolex Datejust can be easily customized to fit your personality through a number of aftermarket dials, dial markers, and a variety of Rolex bracelets. The customization possibilities are nearly endless.

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