Swiss watchmaking tradition originated in the days of Calvinist reformation that spread through northern Europe like wind fire. Simply put, Calvinism derived from the Lutheran Church yet was opposed by them. The religious beliefs of both movements were incredibly similar and yet differed on a few points causing tension between the two factions. The leader of Calvinist reformation, John Calvin, was asked to aid in the Church of Geneva reformation at which point a push to a more strict, "no excess" movement began. As part of the church reformation process in Geneva a ban was placed on wearing jewelry and luxurious attire effectively putting out every jeweler and goldsmith out of work and creating a demand for other, more functional , church approved accessories.


Within a few years the jewelry and goldsmith trade took a completely new direction. Swiss craftsman began creating incredible, luxurious watches that were small enough to be carried on your person thus filling the need for accessories as well as creating a functional work of art. Swiss watchmaking was so intricate and reliable that other countries in Europe began contracting Swiss watchmakers to create watches and clocks for the royal families. Many monarchs of the time sent their court craftsman to apprentice with the Swiss masters and upon the conclusion of their apprenticeship return to the court and train others in the craft of watchmaking.


Benvenuto Cellini was one of the most renowned Florentine craftsmen and musicians. Born in Florence, Italy in 1500 to a family of a musician, he was encouraged by his father to follow in the family trade. However, the passion of Benvenuto Cellini was not in musical arts, it was in the art of goldsmithing. At the age of fifteen, Cellini's father allowed him to apprentice as a goldsmith. Although it cannot be definitively said that Benvenuto Cellini apprenticed under a Swiss trained goldsmith, the popularity of the Swiss technique was so widespread in Italy and France by the time Cellini began his apprenticeship that it is highly likely that his phenomenal skill at sculpting , jewelry, and watchmaking was imparted by the Swiss technique. Benvenuto Cellini spent most of his life working as a gold and jewelry craftsman for the papal estate in Rome when he wasn't on the battlefield fighting the war with Siena.


Benvenuto Cellini spent his life in pursuit of perfection, creating incredible works of art that are highly influential to this day. The craftsmanship of his sculptures is breathtaking and can only be amplified by the fact that in many cases they are made of pure gold. Benvenuto Cellini was easily one of the most influential artists of the Renaissance era.

Much like the works of Benvenuto Cellini, Rolex is known for upholding the Swiss watchmaking tradition and producing watches that are not only breathtaking, but also functional.


The rich heritage of Swiss watchmaking is undoubtedly seen in every watch that Rolex makes. The exquisite designs, the craftsmanship, the quality of the movements all pay homage to those master craftsman who gave rise to the millennia old tradition of excellence and beauty. Which is probably why when Rolex decided to produce the line of dress watches, they named their watch after an Italian master craftsman and musician Benvenuto Cellini.


The line of Rolex Cellini watches is stunning indeed. Most of the men's watches in the line feature a fairly clean, luxury design and come on a leather strap. The watches are not waterproof and in many cases are not overly "flashy". The Cellini line of watches has a manually winding movement and more often than not are comprised of precious metals. The watch is designed to add to the overall evening attire look and not stand out on its own but be an essential part of the ensemble.


The ladies' line of the Cellini watches is a touch more intricate than men's mostly because it is designed to be worn as jewelry rather than an accompaniment. Just as the men's line of the Rolex Cellini watches, the ladies' watches are not waterproof and feature a manual winding movement.


Rolex produces a watch for any occasion and some of the watches will look equally as stunning during a formal evening as well as on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. However, there is a time and a place for purity of a design. Rolex Cellini is a formal watch that will add a touch of chic sophistication to your gown or tux.

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