Not too long ago we use to romanticize the idea of a pilot. Boys use to dream of being just like those strong, tall , perfectly manicured Pan Am gentlemen, walking tall to the gates of various airports. Those men who wore a crisp white shirt, tailored, perfectly pressed pilot uniform, gold bars on the shoulders, surrounded by stunning women as their crew, that was the image that we grew up with. The image of a Pan Am pilot ready to fly the world and do it with exceptional style. And although Rolex Air King is currently one of the favorite watches among the commercial airline pilots, it had a very different beginning.


During World War I British Royal Air Force began abandoning their standard issue watches and trading up for a moderately priced and significantly more accurate Rolex Air King. Countless, dangerous missions were conducted with the help of the Rolex Air King. At the end of WW I Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, released a line of "Air" watches to commemorate the bravery and selflessness of the British airmen. The popularity of the "Air" watches with British RAF lasted until the end of WWII and the production of Rolex Air Tiger and Rolex Air Giant continued until the late 1960's.


Although there are various reference numbers of the Air King and every one of them has something to offer, the initial popularity of the watch began with the fact that the dial was significantly larger and easier to read in the dark and high turbulence. Today it is not unheard of having a 44mm watch, however during the time of the initial release, 40mm were considered huge!

Today, Rolex Air King is the only one out of the line of the "Air" watches that is still being produced today and remains highly sought after by active pilots due to its superior timekeeping ability, high style, and clean look.

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