In the early 1990's Rolex introduced a completely new watch to its collection -- Rolex Yacht-Master. The Yacht-Master was based largely on the Submariner design and used a Submariner movement but was not meant as a diving watch. Yacht-Master was intended to be on the luxury end of the tool watch scale where the Submariner is the epitome of the tool watch world. Rolex conceptualized the Yacht- Master in the mid 1960's and produced two known prototypes that were reminiscent of the Rolex Daytona. The two prototypes are considered priceless and according to some sources, one belong to Eric Clapton and another belongs to an Italian Rolex collector.


It took a very long time for Rolex to finally settle on the look and feel of the Yacht-Master before its final release in the 90's. The original Yacht-Master was introduced with a white dial, 40mm case, 18kt white or yellow gold Ref.16628 and 16629. The movement, markers, hands, and bezel were all reminiscent of the Submariner look, however the watch was only waterproof to 100m, placing this watch into a "luxury" line of watches. In 1994 Rolex released a 35mm, "mid-sized" version of the watch Ref. 168628 to accommodate a smaller wrist. In the late 1990's the watch became available in the stainless steel and platinum combination and later in a two tone stainless steel and gold. Ref.16622 and 16623


Rolex Yacht-Master was an instant hit. Its classic design and yet smoother, less rugged look than the Submariner made the watch extremely popular with those that wanted the look of a tool watch with a little more flash and opulence. If the same way that the Submariner was a perfect watch for Jacques Cousteau, then the Yacht-Master is a perfect fit for Brad Pitt.

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Available Models:
16622, 16623, 16628, 169622, 169623, 168622, 116622, 116623, 116621