Much like Rolex, Tudor was founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf. Although Rolex watches were in high demand, many couldn’t afford them. Tudor was created to bridge the gap by offering dependability, craftsmanship, and reliability of a Rolex watch under a different name and at a significantly lower price.

Tudor watches were not outfitted with Rolex movements. Ebauches SA ETA movement was specifically designed for Tudor watches and is still a valuable and important movement in the watchmaking history. Although Tudor is a separate company today, one can still find vintage Tudor watches that carry a Rolex logo.

Tudor was always considered to be second to Role. These watches are carried by the official Rolex retailers and have a rich military history. These diver watches were purchased by the French Navy and Tudor Submariners were issued to the US Navy Seals.

If you are looking for a brand new Tudor watch, good luck! Unfortunately, Tudor brand watches are not sold in United States. However, Tudor watches can be purchased used through a number of retailers who are dealing in preowned Rolex and Tudor watches.

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