Rolex is a brand that is synonymous with timeless beauty and grace. In recent years, more and more women choose Rolex over any other brand due to its versatility, striking design, captivating brilliance, and reliability. A Rolex watch had graced the wrist of many influential women. These watches seem to be one of the most popular choices with women in the business sector as well as entertainment and politics.

A Rolex is by no means an understated choice. Available in multitude of styles, metal alloys, and gemstones, this Swiss watch is guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression and deliver maximum impact on any wrist. Unlike other brands, a Rolex adorned with diamonds does not seem vulgar or overstated, instead it neatly fits on a ladies wrist, subtly announcing its presence.

Of course, some of the models are significantly more popular than others. For example, Rolex President 69178 seems to be a trending choice second only to the Rolex Datejust 79174. Both of these watches have some uncanny similarities and yet are very different stylistically.


For instance, the Datejust line of Rolex watches is available in yellow, white, two-toned (Roleser), and stainless steel metals while Rolex President omits the stainless steel option and adds a custom rose gold alloy case. Rolex Datejust also has a variety of bezels to choose from. Rolex Datejust 69173 comes in a two-toned option with a fluted bezel which completes the iconic look of this stunning watch. The same model of the watch also comes with a diamond set bezel giving this classic a little more flair and making it a dressier timepiece.

However, unlike the previous two this Rolex Datejust Mid-Size 68240 features a slightly smaller case with a smooth bezel which makes this watch appear cleaner and more modern. Datejust watches are also available with a variety of dial colors and markers. Here is an example of a stunning Datejust 69173 with a black dial and "index" markers and Datejust 69174 with a mother of pearl dial and Roman numeral markers.

A Rolex Datejust is a watch that offers so much variety that it is almost guaranteed to fit any style and any wrist. Whether you are classic, modern, or prefer a touch of bohemian flair, there is a watch for you.


The second most reproduced and copied watch is a Rolex Submariner. Although a predominantly masculine, this line experienced some popularity with the ladies in the 1960's following an appearance as a ladies watch in a James Bond film. Submariners are exquisite diving watches that make a statement with their colorful dial and bezel options. These watches are also available in the variety of metal alloys although a stainless steel Submariner seems to remain a classic. The most valued Rolex Submariners are the early 1950's and 1960's models. These vintage timepieces invoke a sense of wonder and adventure which is why Rolex didn't change much in terms of general design in the later models guaranteeing that a Submariner 16613 will look just as good as its predecessors.


However, if you generally prefer a smaller more delicate and slightly more luxurious watch that will deliver all the fabulous shine of a fine luxury timepiece with the look of durability of a tool watch, then perhaps a Rolex Yacht-Master is the watch for you.

It took Rolex over three decades to fully develop this watch. The watch borrows heavily from the look of a Submariner with the inner workings of a luxury timepiece. Yacht-Master watches usually come in precious metal options with a variety of dial and marker colors. Although this watch might look like a true diving watch, its waterproofing capabilities are considerably lower than that of a true diving watch. That being said, it does not mean that you can't go swimming with your Yacht-Master on your wrist. After all, a Yacht-Master is a watch that was build for water sports!


After discussing the most popular Rolex models as well as the sport or tool watch models, we are yet to mention a true Rolex dress watch line -- Cellini. Rolex Cellini features a precious metal case with a clean and sophisticated look. These watches are not waterproof and generally look better at a formal evening rather than on a high spirited adventure.

Regardless of your preference in watch style, design, or function, a Rolex can accommodate any taste and every need. Most Rolex watches can be considered unsex, creating a wider selection with the same uncompromised quality and celebration of accomplishment and status.

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