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Rolex Datejust 179175

Authentic, pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Ref# 179175 watches.

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Rolex President Ladies Watch 179175

26 mm, Quickset Date, 18kt Rose Gold Bracelet, Silver Dial, Mint Condition, Box, Booklets, Certificate

Stock Number #7169

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Indulge in the luxury and timeless elegance of a certified chronometer wristwatch, the Rolex 179175 Datejust, with a Silver Diamond Dial. In mint condition, this undeniably impeccable timepiece carries a cache of sophistication and elegance that is unparalleled. Crafted intricately from 18kt Rose Gold, this watch is more than a simple accessory - it's an heirloom, a symbol of enduring quality and craftsmanship. Delving in to Rolex history, it's worth mentioning that the legendary Datejust was initially introduced to the world by Rolex in 1945, setting new benchmarks in the world of horology.

Being the very first automatic wristwatch, the Rolex Datejust revolutionized the way we perceive time. It was ingeniously designed with an automatically changing date window, and its movement was securely housed within a 26mm thick Oyster case - an innovation that forever transformed the mechanical watch industry. This particular model, 179175, further enhances its legacy with an automatic movement - a nod to its groundbreaking heritage.

Complementing the design is the exquisite 18 KT Gold President-style bracelet, adding a layer of opulence to this magnificent timepiece. This is not just a watch, it is a testament to the wearer's refined taste and elegance. The Rolex 179175 Datejust is defined by its impressive 44-hour power reserve, further ensuring its functionality and dependability. Additionally, the watch's water resistance up to 330 ft makes it a truly versatile accessory, practical for a variety of weather conditions and environments.

Let's not forget that the 179175 Datejust is Chronometer Certified. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, a chronometer is a high precision watch that has passed stringent tests over several days in various positions and temperatures, under the watchful eyes of an official neutral body. The COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) are at the forefront of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry's anti-counterfeit group. Potential owners of a Rolex Datejust can be fully reassured of the authenticity of their investment, thanks to this certification.

In essence, this Rolex 179175 Datejust with a Silver Diamond Dial is not merely a watch, but a piece of horological history wrapped around your wrist. Flaunting its 18kt Rose Gold construction, the automatic movement, the President-style bracelet, and the Chronometer certification, this watch is truly a legend among timepieces.

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